IPS On Diversity Podcast S3E7: Palliative Care for the Young and Old

Death has always been a taboo topic in Singapore. With our ageing population rising as well as Health Minister Ong Ye Kung’s plans to increase the proportion of people dying at home or in palliative care settings instead of hospitals, is it time we begin talking more openly about our end-of-life plans?

In this episode, host and Associate Director at the Institute of Policy Studies Liang Kaixin chats with guests Dr Chong Poh Heng, Medical Director at HCA Hospice Limited and Tay Jia Ying, an end-of-life doula and Founder of Happy Ever After. They discuss the concept of what a good death means, the changes needed to allow more people to spend their final moments at home and when people should begin thinking of their end-of-life plans.

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About our guests:

Chong Poh Heng
Medical Director
HCA Hospice Limited

Dr Chong is Vice Chair of Singapore Hospice Council and Medical Director at HCA Hospice Limited. He founded Star PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support), a specialist paediatric palliative care service under HCA Hospice in 2012. 

He advocates in his field nationally as chairperson of the paediatric and young adults Advanced Care Planning (ACP) task force, and internationally at Asia Pacific Hospice Network (APHN) Paediatric Palliative Care Special Interest Group respectively.  

Dr Chong received the Healthcare Humanity Award in 2015, and won the Leader of Good (adult category) at the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Award ceremony in 2021.


Tay Jia Ying
Happy Ever After

Jia Ying started her exploration into end-of-life work in 2013 through her involvement as a producer with Both Sides, Now, an arts-based community engagement project on end-of-life issues. After seven years working with the community, she founded Happy Ever After in 2021 to connect directly with individuals to support them and their loved ones in navigating the complexities of life and death, love and loss, hopes and fears, laughter and tears.

She is a certified end-of-life doula with The Dying Year, and a certified Respecting Choices 1st Steps Advance Care Planning facilitator. She is also a member of the National End-of-life Doula Alliance (NEDA), and is NEDA proficient.


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When it comes to dementia, are we focusing on the disease but neglecting the person? Medication should not be the only treatment for dementia, which is incurable and robs people of their dignity. And what does the pandemic mean for dementia care and programmes? Ong Soh Chin explores different ways to care for persons with […]

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To be woke and to cancel involve a heightened awareness of social injustice and the calling out of offending institutions or powerful people — like the Me Too movement which brought down Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Largely attributed to today’s youth who are less afraid to challenge institutionalised norms, they level the playing field when […]

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IPS On Diversity podcast

One of the key takeaways from GE2020 has been the need for more diversity – in representation, in opinions, in solutions. It is clear that Singaporeans are becoming more confident about their identities and their right to be heard and considered. Unlike in the past, they are also not afraid to speak up against the […]

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